My Top Fifteen Suppositions About Spiritual Growth

My Top Fifteen Suppositions About Spiritual Growth

After forty years of putting my spiritual growth before all else here is my attempt to distill my philosophy down to fifteen suppositions.

  1. We know nothing for sure about God. No matter how much we believe, pretend to know about, resonate with, and want to think we understand about a creator, that does not make it real. However, any deep self-aware person who has experienced at least one quantifiable spiritual encounter knows for a fact that some form of spiritual reality exists.
  2. If it were possible for seekers to be objective about the existence of God or an afterlife, it would be far more intelligent to believe there isn’t one. Just as people are too close to their loved ones to be objective about them, most of us are too closely invested with the possibility of immortality to observe the argument impartially.
  3. For all our lives we, along with our family, friends, associates, and fellow seekers have known some spiritual truths to be undeniable facts, but all of us are wrong about some of them.
  4. In 50 years of searching, I have found no evidence whatsoever that a loving, giving, prayer hearing and answering god exists. However, there is a mountain of indicators that people live on after death. There are over 3 million documented cases of Near Death Experiences, Group Death Experiences, and most significant, Shared Death Experiences that date back over 200 years.
  5. Our spiritual growth is completely different from our religious, philosophical, or intellectual progress. Just as brilliant people can compartmentalize their intelligence and do very stupid things, highly evolved people can have superstitious, primitive, unsophisticated, or ludicrous beliefs about God.
  6. Spiritual advancement is the process of maturing emotionally. It has more to do with emotional growth than it does with the development of our intellect, philosophies, spiritual or religious beliefs, or psychic abilities. Spiritual growth is not what we think; it is what we feel.
  7. People begin to grow spiritually only when they begin working on their emotional maturity. All other attempts to grow spiritually that are learned and acted upon are in effect, simply distractions.
  8. The countless inspirational books, workshops, teachers, religions, philosophies, and metaphysical beliefs that we have adopted into our lives have ultimately proven to obstruct, rather than assist, our spiritual evolution. The more we are able to purge ourselves of these influences the easier our spiritual progress becomes.
  9. The greatest factor in emotional maturity is our ability to give and receive love. It appears that we are born here to learn to holistically love all of creation — most importantly ourselves, followed by our relatives, friends, associates, humankind, our planet and all of its inhabitants.
  10. Love is a verb. It is appreciation and allowance in totality. Love happens when we totally appreciate and allow ourselves and others, to be who we truly are.
  11. Most religions and spiritual philosophies value love, but it is only one among hundreds of beliefs and requirements that they endorse, so our attention is divided into many directions rather than focused on learning to love holistically.
  12. Religions, philosophies, and spiritual beliefs are only needed to preoccupy our egos until our hearts can be occupied with holistic love.
  13. Evolved relationships are by far the best way to access, address, and resolve our emotional issues. Most of the hurt, healing, and deep learning in life involve personal relationships in one form or another. If there were a divine a religion it would be relationships.
  14. If we were lucky enough to be born near good role models, they taught us how to love, if we weren’t, then some of the best people to help us with our relationships are skilled psychotherapists. They can make growing emotionally/spiritually much easier and quicker.
  15. God, the universe, or any spiritual powers-that-be can watch us endure more pain than we can imagine being humanly possible, all while watching our boss marry a supermodel and then win the lottery.



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