The best person to help you grow spiritually is a good psychotherapist.

The best person to help you grow spiritually is a good psychotherapist.

Contrary to what most seekers think, if you need help with your spiritual growth then stop seeking advice from spiritual teachers, preachers, and New Age authors—instead, find a good psychotherapist. Why? Because gurus and metaphysical authors are just going to fill your head with more philosophical or religious beliefs that they think you should apply in place of the beliefs you are currently are using. So, your spiritual path will continue to be the Tao of belief upgrading. Because most seekers are constantly trading in (upgrading) one spiritual belief for a newer one, they think that they are becoming more spiritual, but in reality they are just becoming more philosophical.

Putting your thoughts/philosophy in order can make life easier, but it is a never-ending quest. However, if it is spiritual growth that you are most interested in then spending your life trying to understand the un-understandable can be a mental trap and a major distraction—you spend most of your time on your thoughts and beliefs instead of your feelings and emotions.

On the other hand, a good psychotherapist can help you to mature your emotions, and this is important because emotional growth IS spiritual growth. Your spirituality is not in your head, but in your heart. If the sole reason we are born on earth is to learn to love holistically—being able to love yourself, your mate, your family and friends, humanity, and the planet, then it is in the perfecting of these emotional relationships that you will achieve genuine spiritual growth.

With the invention of modern health technology there have been over a million recorded cases of near-death experiences. Add to that the thousands of near-death cases that have been recorded by Mormons over the past two hundred years, and we have a lot of evidence that points to life existing after death.

Most all of those who have had near-death experiences come back and say that they were asked by the light, “What have you done to promote love in your life? Or “Do you love others as much as you feel loved here by us now?” Those who died were NOT asked what religion are you? Or, what are your philosophical beliefs? It is people’s ability to love—their emotional maturity—that is emphasized not their speculations about God.

It is most likely the emotional growth that you have achieved in this life that will transfer as a part of your soul after you die—not your beliefs and philosophies. Your ability to love may be the only important thing you have to learn in this life.

All love involves relationships and emotions, and the best person to help you with your relationship issues is a good psychotherapist. Preachers and metaphysical authors tell you what they think you should do and believe. However, good therapists do not tell you what to do; they keep their own beliefs out of the session so they can focus on you and your processes. They are the ones that can help you to love and grow, emotionally/spiritually.


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